HybridJava Compiler
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Modern alternative to Java Server Pages naturally bound with a simple framework.

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HybridJava Compiler Description

Editor: HybridJava is a Java web framework. HybridJava programming language is a symmetric cross Between Java and HTML, rather than one another attempt to embed Java in HTML or HTML in Java. While JSP is just a template engine that does not care much about text between JSP delimiters, HybridJava technology capitalizes upon real compilation and thus upon a deep knowledge of the application structure.

In HybridJava both Java and HTML operators are incorporated into a single formal grammar. This makes it possible to discover syntax errors in the .widget and .page files at once, not when the generated Java code is compiled. Besides Java and HTML constituents the HybridJava syntax has a simple but powerful support for code factorization and reuse - widgets are defined using HybridJava language itself.  Unlike all known user-defined tags implementations HybridJava widgets may have more than one insertion points (in JSTL term - more than one tag body). A unique feature of HybridJava widgets is their transparency for Java context..

Technology includes an extremely transparent framework with application, page and component level data session-scope persistence. Compiler resolves the identifiers used in widgets and pages against Java definitions in Java blocks, definitions of widget attributes, in instances of componentss, page instance and application-level data. Components may send and receive signals.

The compiler generates Java source codes, one Java class for each page. Execution of this code results in generation of the outgoing HTML. To be more specific - compiler generates a single Servlet for an application.

Each compnent is an MVC on its own, with Model, Vew and Controller.

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